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Park Lane – Coworking

In collaboration with Cofinimmo, a Belgian estate agent specialising in rental properties. We had the honour of launching the Park Lane Business Centre in Diegem, the first “Lounge” concept. This new workspace combining professionalism and flexibility was designed as a welcoming environment to accommodate multiple users.

It was important that the ambience, both understated in design and low-key in terms of furnishings, was able to serve the needs of modern workers, giving access to high-quality spaces such as meeting rooms, a coffee corner, the lunch zone, a kitchen, Smart box, Game box, and a communications area, thus liberating their creativity.

We wanted to characterise this space using natural materials; it’s predominantly black with a few touches of colour and geometric shapes and sleek lines.

By using balanced lighting, we have accentuated a soft and warm atmosphere, creating a stimulating and cosy space.