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Notariskantoor Jadoul, Kestelyn & Genicot

When we created the Notariskantoor notary’s office, we wanted the carpentry to be an integral part of the project’s layout, bringing elegance and coherence to the whole set.

To achieve this, we took the opportunity to enhance and conceptualise the spaces that were already built with a clean design to best meet the needs of each area.

Heading towards the public area, we wanted the site to interact directly with its occupants, so that visitors were immediately greeted by a guiding line.

That is why Bureau Stekke highlighted the interplay of materials and textures that could be reproduced in the function rooms.

As far as the office area is concerned, a piece of decorative joinery furniture in the reception area was designed to ensure that the open space retains a degree of confidentiality and is not visible to the outside world.

This area was designed to be functional, making work more pleasant and enabling exchanges where necessary.