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Befimmo – Medialaan

As part of a collaboration with Befimmo, we were asked to design different spaces in the Medialaan building such as an entrance hall, lifts, a gym and cloakrooms in order to give the site a new appearance. Throughout the project, the design evolved and took form, yet we maintained the objective of satisfying the basic…


For the Indeed project, a notary office, we worked on a design that pairs tradition with modernity. To achieve this, we have emphasised the woodwork, lighting, flooring and furniture. Neutral tones highlight the quality of the materials used for the decorative woodwork, along with the stylish lighting. We wanted the design to reflect the image…

Agence Europe

Design of an office space on boulevard du Souverain. Optimisation of the space in order to accommodate two offices, a meeting room, a kitchen and two open spaces.


Design of an office space for a buzzy young business. Creation of fun and unique spaces offering different types of seating and ways of working. Project based on the colour palette of the Niboo logo combined with materials such as wooden laminated flooring and a set of carpets with varied textures.

Chien vert

Design of a private apartment following the concept of a hotel suite, with integration of a custom-made library with backlit niches. Creation of a warm atmosphere through varied materials such as wood, textured wallpaper and matte black laminated flooring with a velvety feel.

Ikaros 24

Design of an entrance hall in the Ikaros complex in Zaventem. Complete redefinition of the space by introducing strong new lines in the form of false walls and linear lighting.

Tools 4 Patient

Design of an office space for a pharmaceutical company. The concept of the project was to create distinct areas through woodwork in order to provide an original design interacting with its occupants, thus allowing for individual or group work. The materials selected, such as the different flooring and wall coverings, create warm, friendly spaces.